CVS Repository

Open Source is about, well, open source. The software and projects I develop are mostly licensed under the GPL license, this means that the source code is readily downloadable for everyone. Where's the benefit in this, you might ask? Well, it mostly means that anyone can contribute to the software and add features, solve problems and fix bugs.

A positive side effect is that most products under the GPL are free, both free as in beer and free as in speech. You get the product and you can do with it whatever you want, as long as you agree to make any modifications you do available in source form to the customers you have.

Forever For Now, being my private development umbrella, has a publicly accessible CVS repository. In case you do not know what CVS means, find out more about this source-code versioning system by visiting the CVS homepage.

You can browse the CVS repository and associated reports by following these links:

  • ViewVC Browser
    An online browsing application to view the whole FFN CVS repository.

  • StatCVS Logs
    A complete overview of commit logs and activity in the FFN CVS repository (temporarily offline).

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