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Human theme preview

Human theme preview

Are you using Firefox 1.5 on Linux? Click the following links to immediately install the themes (make sure you enabled software installations for the domain

Download JARs

Download the installation JAR file for each theme:


Version 0.4

  • Added proper prerendered icon for Privacy
  • Lots and lots of build script fixes and optimizations
  • Implemented colored build logs for checking icon theme completion

Version 0.3

  • Added proper icons for History, Bookmarks, Secure, Insecure, Tab, Bookmark Move, Page Orientation and Plugins
  • Updated the Bookmark Rename icon to better match defaults
  • Fixed "tab close" issue present in the default theme

Version 0.2

  • Now supports three themes: Human, Tangerine and Tango
  • Automatically generated preview images
  • Fixed confusion with the Human theme using Tangerine icons

Version 0.1

  • Initial public release, Tangerine icons

Build Logs

These build logs are mainly intended for keeping track which icons are used in the themes and tracking inheritance between icon sets. The current build logs are available for each theme:


Read the Ubuntu Firefox Themes project page for more information about the themes.

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