Linux Articles


These articles are primarily about system maintenance, benchmarking and configuration of Linux operating systems and components. Linux is a UNIX-like operating system originally developed by Linus Torvalds and now widely accepted for server use. It comes in lots of different so-called distributions like Redhat, Mandriva and Ubuntu.

The currently available articles in this section are:

  • Apache 2 mod_deflate Benchmark
    Benchmark of the Apache 2 server module mod_deflate, looking into the real life bandwidth savings and performance.

  • CGI Scripting Tips for Bash or SH
    Creating a MySQL backed XML RPC like CGI bridge using easy to understand and simple tools like Bash, grep and sed.

  • GDB GNU Debugger Intro
    Using GDB to backtrace a program that exhibits access violations, memory leaks and core dump errors.

  • MySQL Tips and Tricks
    Tips and tricks on tuning MySQL for performance, reliability and efficiency. Covers a lot of lesser known commands and SQL statements.

  • PostgreSQL Tips and Tricks
    Tips and tricks on PostgreSQL performance tuning, optimization and maintenance. Contains some anecdotal evidence on getting to know the ins and outs of the PostgreSQL database server.

  • Server-wide Performance Benchmarking
    Comparing and benchmarking Linux filesystems (Ext3, ReiserFS, JFS, XFS), noatime flag, PostgreSQL shared buffers and APC PHP opcode cache.

  • Setting up a Chroot Jail for CVS
    This article describes how to use a chroot jail to enhance security when offering CVS and related services to semi-trusted users.

  • VMWare Player Image Creation
    Creating new VMWare Player virtual machines and images from scratch so you can run the operating systems you want for free.

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