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Fools Gold is my private branch of the open source Website Baker project. Website Baker is a so-called Content Management System, or CMS. I decided to fork Website Baker because I felt that it was the right tool for the job, but was lacking in several key areas. Fools Gold is aimed to correct several omissions and expand the functionality of the core Website Baker project.

Additions in the Fools Gold codebase consist of, among others:

  • Set the menu visibility system-wide and override it on a per-page basis.
  • Integrated breadcrumbs functionality, accessible to templates by a simple PHP function.
  • Link pages using internal identifiers, this prevents 404 - Page not found errors when moving pages around.

Besides adding core functionality I also patched some of the included and external modules to offer more functions. Examples of these changes are:

  • The integrated HTMLArea link editor now suggests a default link title when using internal page links.
  • The sitemap module can be used to only list page children instead of listing all pages.
  • The image gallery module now supports PNG images.

More Information

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