Fools Gold


Fools Gold Core

Fools Gold is available for download from the FFN server. Changelogs are available from the CVS repository, linked by revision. The following versions of Fools Gold are available right now:


Separate patched modules that are available for download are listed below. These modules are compatible with a standard Website Baker installation, so you do not need to use Fools Gold in order to enjoy these extended modules. You can choose from:


The custom templates listed below are for use with Fools Gold only, these will not work on a default Website Baker installation because they use some of the advanced features Fools Gold provides.


The Fools Gold extensions are maintained in the FFN CVS Repository, you can find the latest revisions in the fools-gold branch, the starting tag for the branch is development-branch-fools-gold.

If you want to write your own patches, the best way to do so would be to start with a stable version of Fools Gold, available in the downloads portion. Contributing patches can be done by e-mail, I can automatically merge small patches and feature additions to the mainline for inclusion in a future release. Send your patch via e-mail to, they'll be dropped off in my inbox directly.

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