Fools Gold

Feature Overview

Website Baker Core Functionality

Since Fools Gold is itself derived from the existing CMS project called Website Baker, this page will only list the differences between the mainline of Website Baker and the additional functionality available in Fools Gold. The Website Baker website has a quick rundown of features and screenshots on their About Page.

So, you know what Website Baker offers and you're ready to start the tour? Great, let's walk through the additional functionality of Fools Gold step-by-step with screenshots and code-fragments visualising each concept.

Menu Visibility

Overriding menu visibility for a page in Fools Gold.

Fools Gold adds an extra Settings function to the administrative side of the CMS for settings the visibility of the page menu. Templates can implement a conditional menu using the SHOW_MENU global variable. The menu visibility can be overridden by any page, any time, so you can dynamically select which pages to have a menu by selecting either Enabled, Disabled or System Default for the option.


Integrated breadcrumbs save time and effort.

Using a simple call to the page_breadcrumbs() function, a template can globally implement a small and efficient page trail separated by a custom string. By giving a template the opportunity to specify where the trail should be included, you save the trouble of having to manually include a breadcrumb module into every page by hand.

To implement a breadcrumb trail similar to the one in the screenshot, use this code in the template, this will default to the greater-than separator: <? page_breadcrumbs(); ?> To implement a comma-separated breadcrumb trail, use this call: <? page_breadcrumbs(', '); ?>

Linking Using Internal IDs

Fools Gold had it first, but as of version 2.5.2, this feature has been adapted and integrated into the main Website Baker project. Previously, pages were linked using a hardcoded paths, which leads to problems when moving and renaming pages. Because this was such a glaring problem, I implemented a new linking system that used 301-header redirection based on a page ID.

Ryan Djurovic implemented a new system based on a custom tag that gets replaced before being sent to the client. This has several advantages over my method, the main one being that links are always provided in a readable format, without explicit ID references.

Module Changes

The list of features doesn't stop here yet, read the Fools Gold modules page to see the changes made to existing and new modules.

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