The name Glacier might remind you of a lonely landslide covered in ice, but it's also a software firewall and port-proxy server. The main purpose of Glacier is to make it easy to set up port forwarding and firewalling on the supported operating systems: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Any platform having a Java J2SE 1.4 compatible runtime will suffice to set up efficient port forwarding and firewalling blazingly fast. Glacier puts you in control while stopping unwanted traffic dead in its tracks.

Glacier comes in two separated applications: the so-called Glacier Engine which runs the network core and logs all incoming connections. The other part is the Glacier Administrator, a graphical user interface program for configuring engine parameters and real-time monitoring of running engines. Administrative access to running engines is secured by user accounts and can be firewalled just like any other incoming connection.

The project was started in December 2004 and has evolved from a simple single port forwarder to a full port proxy, firewall and connection logging product. Licensed under the GPL, the full source code is available for extending and reviewing core functionality. Feel free to write and contribute patches back to the main development tree.

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