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I wrote this tool to simplify the process of authoring minimally formatted HTML documents as used on my website and other locations. Wiki text syntax is fairly easy to learn and serves as a good base for authoring HTML using only a text editor. This online variant can be used freely.

The source code is available in the CVS repository under the module ffnn-php-wikitexttohtml. See the included documentation on how to use the WikiTextToHTML class on your own site.

Alternatively, download the source code and example files here (ZIP, 12 Kb).

Your Wiki Text to HTML

Try it now

Enter your Wiki text in this text box and press the Submit button to instantly view the resulting HTML in a new browser window:

And then?

Once you've submitted your text, a new browser window will open with the HTML output of your Wiki text. Use the View source command in your browser to copy and paste this HTML into your own document or website.


I wrote the first version of this tool on the 8th of March, 2007.

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