Creating a casual homepage is easy, but managing and presenting your large corporate website takes a lot more thought. Real webdesign takes skills ranging from graphics design to usability analysis, areas in which I can help you out. From the initial idea to the technical implementation and aftermath, I can create the perfect site for you and your visitors.

Have you ever considered how secure your website is? Is your site usable for every single potential customer? What about your bandwidth usage, can you maybe save half of your expenses? Where do you rank in the search engine results?

These kind of questions are not simply afterthoughts, they're an integral part of the design of your website. Don't risk leaving your valued customers out in the cold because they did not buy certain software or simply couldn't find your website. I will make sure that both the presentation and technical implementation of your website are top-notch and ready to last for the coming years.

Take a look at the following examples, accompanied by comments on the decisions behind the design:

  • BSK-Bouw Klundert
    I rewrote the website of construction company BSK-Bouw Klundert so it was accessible for all users and search engines.

  • Dr. Gonzo's Instrument Finder
    Dr. Gonzo's Instrument Finder is a website I designed, dedicated to musical instruments and their availability.

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