Need someone for your graphics design, programming, copywriting or general technical advice? If you need to get something done, just contact me and we'll work it out. Forever For Now already gives quite a good impression of the things I can do for you, and the quality of my work. Take a look at the following pages to get an even better impression of my past work:

  • Graphics Design
    Graphics Design, logos, website graphics, publication and broadcasting. See where I can assist you to make an impact.

    • Glacier Logo
      A story on designing the ice cube stack logo for the Glacier application. Contains sketches and design notes.

    • KDE Kontact Logo
      Sketches for the KDE Kontact logo competition, regarding the design of an icon and associated logo. Contains a followup with the final version of the logo.

    • Rebel Spirits Logo
      An overview of the vector logo design I did for Kristian Stoyanov, the owner of Rebel Spirits, a non-profit Christian site.

    • Ubuntu Minimalistic Bootsplash
      Creating a simple, usable and aesthetically pleasing usplash boot splash screen for Ubuntu Linux' Dapper Drake release.

  • Webdesign
    Webdesign is more than flashy graphics, see where I can provide added value for your online business needs.

    • BSK-Bouw Klundert
      I rewrote the website of construction company BSK-Bouw Klundert so it was accessible for all users and search engines.

    • Dr. Gonzo's Instrument Finder
      Dr. Gonzo's Instrument Finder is a website I designed, dedicated to musical instruments and their availability.

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