Graphics Design

The world has gone digital. Graphics creation, processing and publishing is almost entirely done using computers and software nowadays. Combining creativity and knowledge about media design and the right tools for the job I can offer you a wide array of design services to make an impact on your customer base.

Logo design, graphics for a corporate website, advice on layout and accessibility - you name it, I've got it. Whether you need something for print, on-line publication or broadcasting, I can help you to benefit most from the opportunity. Professional results for a low fee we'll work out together.

Take a look at some of the following examples, accompanied by comments on the design process and decisions that were made in order to achieve the result:

  • Glacier Logo
    A story on designing the ice cube stack logo for the Glacier application. Contains sketches and design notes.

  • KDE Kontact Logo
    Sketches for the KDE Kontact logo competition, regarding the design of an icon and associated logo. Contains a followup with the final version of the logo.

  • Rebel Spirits Logo
    An overview of the vector logo design I did for Kristian Stoyanov, the owner of Rebel Spirits, a non-profit Christian site.

  • Ubuntu Minimalistic Bootsplash
    Creating a simple, usable and aesthetically pleasing usplash boot splash screen for Ubuntu Linux' Dapper Drake release.

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