I continuously write articles about a variety of subjects, so naturally this list will become longer and longer over time. Right now the following articles are present on the site:

  • Apple Mac OS X
    Using and administering Apple Mac OS X, tips and tricks from experience.

    • Macbook Clamshell Mode
      Details about using an Apple Macbook in lid-closed clamshell mode operating with an external keyboard, mouse and screen.

    • Nondestructive Partitioning
      Resizing partitions, or volumes in Mac OS X without losing your disk's data.

    • Optimizing Performance
      Optimizing Mac OS X performance with easy to use tips. Make Mail start up and switch mailboxes instantly again.

    • Short Mac OS X Tips
      Collection of short tips for recovering and enhancing Mac OS X and its default bundled applications like Safari and Software Update.

    • Vectorizing with vDSP and vecLib
      Using Apple's Mac OS X Accelerate framework libraries vDSP and vecLib to dramatically speed up your code by using SIMD vector operations.

  • FFN
    Main index for articles related to the Forever For Now website itself.

    • Accessibility Statement
      Explanation of the efforts I did to make Forever For Now a usability and accessibility wonder to help out visually impaired visitors and search engines.

    • Design History
      An illustrated tour of the design history of the Forever For Now website.

    • Downtime Letter
      A letter of thanks to the old-time readers of FFN.

    • Server Maintenance July 2006
      Reflections on three years of maintaining an early Gentoo Linux server and moving towards Ubuntu 6.06.

  • Java
    Articles related to the "write once run anywhere" Java programming language by Sun Microsystems.

  • KDE
    Main index of articles related to KDE development and feedback.

    • Kontact Logo: Envelope
      An article about colouring and finishing the "Envelope Concept" of the initial Kontact Logo sketches.

    • Kontact Icon Sketch
      Sketches for the KDE Kontact logo competition, regarding the design of an icon and associated logo.

    • Universal Splash Screen
      An article about my idea regarding universal application startup screens and startup notification for KDE.

    • The KBoggle Icon
      An article about the design of an icon I did for the KBoggle puzzling game.

    • Desktop Buttons
      A suggestion and motivation for the design of KDE's desktop buttons.

  • Linux
    Articles on tuning, benchmarking and configuring Linux based operating systems, tools and server applications.

    • Apache 2 mod_deflate Benchmark
      Benchmark of the Apache 2 server module mod_deflate, looking into the real life bandwidth savings and performance.

    • CGI Scripting Tips for Bash or SH
      Creating a MySQL backed XML RPC like CGI bridge using easy to understand and simple tools like Bash, grep and sed.

    • GDB GNU Debugger Intro
      Using GDB to backtrace a program that exhibits access violations, memory leaks and core dump errors.

    • MySQL Tips and Tricks
      Tips and tricks on tuning MySQL for performance, reliability and efficiency. Covers a lot of lesser known commands and SQL statements.

    • PostgreSQL Tips and Tricks
      Tips and tricks on PostgreSQL performance tuning, optimization and maintenance. Contains some anecdotal evidence on getting to know the ins and outs of the PostgreSQL database server.

    • Server-wide Performance Benchmarking
      Comparing and benchmarking Linux filesystems (Ext3, ReiserFS, JFS, XFS), noatime flag, PostgreSQL shared buffers and APC PHP opcode cache.

    • Setting up a Chroot Jail for CVS
      This article describes how to use a chroot jail to enhance security when offering CVS and related services to semi-trusted users.

    • VMWare Player Image Creation
      Creating new VMWare Player virtual machines and images from scratch so you can run the operating systems you want for free.

  • Media
    Main index of articles about the processing of electronic media.

    • Adobe Premiere Pro Tips and Tricks
      Tips for Adobe Premiere Pro, the video editing application: fixing some hangs and crashes.

    • Blender Tips and Tricks
      Tips for Blender, the open-source 3D modeling, animation and compositing application: changing FPS and output format considerations.

    • Content Retrieval: Desktop Search
      An article on desktop search engines like Apple Spotlight and content retrieval in general.

    • Inkscape Text Tricks
      An article on manually kerning characters and setting the baseline, font styles and rotation of characters within text objects in the vector graphics illustration program Inkscape.

    • OpenDocument Format Overview
      Overview of the OpenDocument Format, analysis of advantages and disadvantages compared to other formats.

    • PNG Optimization
      A small guide about optimizing PNG graphics for file size.

    • UML Diagrams Using Graphviz Dot
      Automatically creating UML diagrams using the Graphviz Dot tool. Modelling classes, attributes, methods, packages and associations.

  • Mono and C#
    Main index on Mono and C# programming articles with tips, tricks and examples.

  • Netware
    Articles on Netware, Novell's solution for sharing files and printers over a network using the IPX/SPX transport protocol.

    • Restarting a Netware Server
      Restarting a Netware server from the console in a fully documented way. Great for administrators new to Novell Netware.

  • Solaris
    Main index page of articles about Solaris administration and software installation.

    • CVS Repository Setup
      An article on setting up CVS over SSH on a Solaris 8 SPARC Unix system from source.

  • Windows
    Administering and maintaining the Windows operating system, tips and tricks based on experience.

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