KDE Articles


You might already be familiar with the K Desktop Environment, if not, be sure to check out the KDE website. In short, KDE is a graphical interface for UNIX-like operating systems. I'm currently loosely involved in the project by contributing artwork, reporting bugs and testing new releases. Oftentimes I write things that could be of use to other people, so here's a list of contributions.

  • Kontact Logo: Envelope
    An article about colouring and finishing the "Envelope Concept" of the initial Kontact Logo sketches.

  • Kontact Icon Sketch
    Sketches for the KDE Kontact logo competition, regarding the design of an icon and associated logo.

  • Universal Splash Screen
    An article about my idea regarding universal application startup screens and startup notification for KDE.

  • The KBoggle Icon
    An article about the design of an icon I did for the KBoggle puzzling game.

  • Desktop Buttons
    A suggestion and motivation for the design of KDE's desktop buttons.

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