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One of the main reasons you would use a Content Management System is because you can separate your content from the page layout. If you are unhappy with the look of your site, you upload a new theme, or template, and your whole site is transformed using a new design. Website Baker, and thus Fools Gold, use a flexible templating system which allows you to change the template on the fly.

Because I use Fools Gold for my own site and disliked the default themes, I developed my own templates which offer advanced functionality like breadcrumbs and custom menus. Descriptions are available from this page, download the themes from the downloads page.

FFN Dropshadow

FFN Dropshadow thumbnail
FFN Dropshadow, 100% compatible and certified elegance.

A professional looking template with smooth gradients and dropshadows. This template uses transparent PNG image files to achieve a sleek look that is easy on the eye. Do not worry yet! These graphical goodies work perfectly in all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari and Konqueror.

The template is fully CSS compatible using DIVs and validates without a hitch at The semantical markup of the template makes sure search engines can scan content without getting lost in a bunch of nested tables. Visually impaired people will love you for using this template, as it is compatible with screen reader software.

Main highlights of this template are:

  • Markup uses CSS, no nested tables for layout
  • Integrated top-level menu bar across the screen
  • Round corners on the navigational menu
  • Breadcrumbs integrated using Fools Gold functionality
  • Visually pleasing presentation of headers, paragraphs, code sections and annotated images

Newer versions of the template, 1.2 and up, do not have the gradient background anymore since it required some JavaScript to work correctly. I had a few complaints about the text being unintelligible when displayed without JavaScript, so I got rid of it. Version 1.2 and up feature a solid dark blue background, but still have the dropshadows.

Visit the download page to get it.

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