Traffic Shaping


Setting limits.
Adding a new incoming port with limits

Traffic shaping, sometimes also referred as bandwidth limiting or capping is a technique that is used when connections are limited to a certain data transfer rate. Glacier supports traffic shaping and even allows you to set further limiting options. Options that can be set per connection are:

  • Transfer rate for in- and outgoing streams.
  • Amount of data that is maximally allowed to be sent or received.
  • Time limit on the duration of the connection.

Glacier talks your size

It doesn't really matter if you think small or large, Glacier keeps up with your demands by talking in the unit you want. Settings transfer rates and data limits can be done in single byte values scaling all the way up to whole gigabytes.

If you want to set connection duration limits, go ahead: specify an amount in seconds if you want very short lived connections, or go the full way by selecting measurement in weeks if you want connections to be alive just a bit shorter than a lifetime.

Consistent enforcement

Don't worry about the fact whether or not your limits are really enforced, Glacier takes care of the minute details and will meticulously monitor all connections to stay within the specified boundaries. You can sit back and relax while Glacier relieves you of any past administration headaches you had, so you can concentrate on more important stuff.

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